Ferme Dagenais and Le Tournesol

Apples and Pears


Le Tournesol offers a variety of workshops: healthy cooking , gardening, cheese & butter preparation, lactofermented products, budwig cream, food preservation (fruits,vegetables & herbs, canning), ointment, natural pharmacy, sprouts, green juice, identification of edible herbs and flowers… The date for the workshop is determined as soon as we have 10 inscriptions. Workshop prices are different for each.

Raw classes with Chef Liz Perras once a month! Raw Food is full of nutrients and energizing enzymes. She will show you how to incorporate great nutrition into your everyday routine along with tips for feeling your best.  Some benefits of raw food include: increased energy, better digestion, hormone balance, improved sleep patterns, reduction of food intolerances..... and so much more!

Ferme Dagenais and Le Tournesol - 1155 Stevens Road, Embrun, Ontario, Canada - 613-448-3167