Ferme Dagenais and Le Tournesol

Apples and Pears

Organic Apples and Organic Pears

All our apples and pears at the Dagenais Farm are organic.

Pick-your-own organic apples and organic pears in our orchard from August until October (but often sold out by the end of September).

*** Do not forget to bring your bags and a pair of good shoes ***

Below are the varieties that are available with approximate dates for picking.

Organic Apples

Olympic: August 18th to September 4th, red delicious, firm apple. Good for cooking. Sold out

Bright Gold : August 18th to September 27th, yellow delicious, juicy and sweet apple.Sold out

Freedom: September 2th to October 10th, red and juicy, tastes like heritage apples.

Nova Easy Grow: September 2th to October 10th, firm apple like the Cortland. Sweet taste with low acidity.

Nova Mac:  September 2th to October 10th, red apple, Nova Scotia MacIntosh. Sold out

Liberty: September 5th to October 10th, red apple with sweet MacIntosh taste, good life storage. Sold out

Purple Passion: September 9th to October 10th, red flesh apple, to make juice or for cooking. Sold out 

Organic Pears

So Sweet: August 5th to August 15th, early fruit, sweet and juicy. Sold out

North Brite: September 1st to September 30th, sweet fruit. Good for storage. Sold out

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