Ferme Dagenais et Le Tournesol

Apples and Pears

Le Tournesol - Health Food Store in Embrun, Ontario

Le Tournesol is our health food store on the farm, only 20 minutes from Ottawa. The store holds all our biodynamic products and offers you specialized services: herbalist, naturopath, osteopath…

Here is a list of our main suppliers in supplements:                

Advantage - Health Matters www.healthmatterscanada.com/Cached
Bioforce www.avogel.ca/Cached - Similar

Désilet www.leo-desilets.com/Cached - Similar
Florahttp www.florahealth.com/Cached - Similar
Garden of Life www.gardenoflife.com
Herbasante www.herbasante.ca/Cached - Similar
Holizen www.holizen.com
Innovite www.inno-vite.com/
Nature Beaute Sante www.naturebeautesante.com/Cached - Similar
Pure Encapsulations www.robertetfils.com/Cached - Similar
Roberts et Fils www.robertetfils.com/Cached - Similar
Seroyal www.seroyal.com/Similar

Trophic trophicproducts.com/Cached
Unda - Biodynamique www.seroyal.com/Similar
Weleda - Biodynamique www.weleda.com/

Farm Dagenais and Le Tournesol - 1155 Stevens Road, Embrun, Ontario, Canada - 613-448-3167