Ferme Dagenais and Le Tournesol

Apples and Pears

Le Tournesol - Health Food Store in Embrun, Ontario

Le Tournesol is a health food store, only 20 minutes from Ottawa, which has been open since December 6, 1986. You will always be greeted by a member of our friendly family. The store offers a range of products from the farm as well as specialized services: herbalism, naturopathy, oestéopathie ...

You can find a varied range of superior biodynamic, biological, ecological as well as regional products such as: fresh, dried or frozen foods, cosmetics and supplements, green cleaning products, gluten-free, etc.

Here is a list of our main suppliers in supplements:               

* Advantage Health Matters: www.healthmatterscanada.com
* Bioforce (A.Vogel): www.avogel.ca
* Flora: www.florahealth.com
* Garden of Life: www.gardenoflife.com
* Herbasante: www.herbasante.ca
* Holizen: www.holizen.com
* Innovite: www.innovitehealth.com
* Léo Désilet: www.leo-desilets.com
* Nature Beaute Sante: www.naturebeautesante.com
* Pure Encapsulations : www.pureencapsulations.com
* Roberts et Fils: www.robertetfils.com
* Seroyal: www.seroyal.ca
* Trophic: www.trophicproducts.com
* Unda: www.unda.be
* Weleda: www.weleda.com

Seasonal Organic Vegetables

On demand, depending on the harvest.

Culinary and medicinal herbs

We have a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs available that are picked only on demand. Contact us!

Ferme Dagenais and Le Tournesol - 1155 Stevens Road, Embrun, Ontario, Canada - 613-448-3167